Friday, 17 January 2014

The Morning Off

In the spirit of my budget month here is my way to waste a few hours and get some good old fashioned relaxing done! I am sure I'm not the only one who spends their days off doing nothing but pottering. Some of my pottering however can end up costing money, trips to shops and what not, so here is my way of taking up four hours doing something enjoyable and only a slightly guilty pleasure without the price tag at least.

For some people bathing is a purely functional task and there are no redeeming qualities to it, but in my mind with a good book, a few scented candles and a face mask its a winning combination. For me its all about getting the specifics right, for example scalding yourself is a bad thing and something I have done a few too many times and come out of it looking like a lobster. Not good. So the bath bubbles of choice at the minute are the M&S Natural Extracts Spiced Cranberry Foam Bath, a welcome xmas present from the mother in law and they do smell lovely but not so intoxicating that you end up with a headache. Then I reach for the blueberry tealights and that gets the mood just right to relax.

So for me a good bath makes me come out feeling squeaky clean, literally in some cases, and relaxed. While in there I reach for my Body Shop body scrub in sweet lemon, which smells like lemon meringue pie and it takes a lot of restraint not to eat the lot! Then its the body wash of choice something I am not usually that bothered with in fairness but if anyone has any suggestions, I am listening. Then comes the skincare routine, just the usual but with a good 10 minute mask, at the minute my skin is breaking out left, right, and centre so I would usually go for the Origins Clear Improvement clay mask. You literally just wait for it to dry and your skin feels tight afterwards but it does wonders for the pores! Then I would introduce a serum before moisturising and for me it is always the Elemis Anti Aging Absolute Eye Serum. Its not fab to use prior to makeup application, found out the embarrassingly hard way I'm afraid.

Hair wise, as I've previously mentioned I am stunted really and have a lot to learn but one thing I always reach for on hair mask days is the L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing Intense Mask. It smells wonderful and really does leave your ends feeling nice and soft, something my parched ends really need at the minute!

Then its just time to read the book, any book of choice if I'm honest but nothing that requires too much concentration. You're trying to relax at the end of the day after all! But hey what do I know.

For the afterwards offering though to keep that nice luxurious feeling of being all moisturised and thoroughly pampered I tend to reach for my Jo Malone body lotion in Pomegranate Noir, something which smells so completely indulgent with a hint of musk that is just divine! Then I use a little of the Joico KPak Colour Therapy Hair Oil, its so great at nourishing and prepping you hair for your styling routine! Plus your hair looks super healthy afterwards! My idea of a good way to kill a few hours anyway!

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  1. I love those mornings when you aren't doing anything and you can just relax for longer! :)
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