Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Diet

Week One

Well the time has come, Christmas is over, I've eaten more than my fair share of goodies and its time I started getting back on the bandwagon. I started a diet before Christmas in order to stop adding to the Xmas pounds that need to be lost. So its Tuesday and its weigh in day, I'm going to be following the Herbalife diet which I've been able to do to an extent in the past but after the constant snacking of the last two weeks I'm dreading the thought of a liquid diet that doesn't include amaretto! 

Well enough is enough now and I am determined to do it properly so I am going to post it on here and make myself accountable to somebody. Disappointing myself doesn't seem to have enough consequences to stop me from sneaking snack foods so public disappointment will hopefully be more effective. 

The Herbalife diet requires me to have 2 protein shakes a day with 1 calorie controlled meal. I should only have around 1200 - 1500 kcals a day with protein bars and fruit as snacks through the day. Yes there are benefits and pitfalls to every diet but at the moment it's the one I feel most comfortable with it at the moment.

So here goes .... Again!

Has anyone had any positive experiences with a diet to help motivate me? 

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