Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Budget Guide To Life

Its January and that means only one thing, nobody has any money! A fact I have been trying to pretend that it doesn't exist since January 2nd but its undeniable and this is me admitting I have a problem. I suppose what has made me realise this is the fact that my precious Bobbi Brown Corrector has completely run out and I can't afford to replace it just yet. Well I could but the guilt would be unreal and I wouldn't be able to look at my husband for about a week.

So this is the part where I got all proactive and decided that with lemons I WILL make lemonade .... even if it kills me. So in the hopes of saving money and still enjoying my life I have decided to tell you all about my little crusade and hopefully give you some ideas on how to save money yourselves and hopefully inspire a bit of positivity at this time of year.

So my plan of attack for the rest of the month basically involves spending my weekends at home, finding the cheapest possible alternatives to my wish list products and finding ways to spend time with everything that is at home. So far I am imagining a month of frozen pizzas with films and face masks a plenty (thank god Christmas provided me with the latter). I might even get outdoorsy! Very doubtful. Or I could just turn into a blog addict since at the minute this seems to be costing me nothing except time!

Expect to be pestered!

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