Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Diet Update

So yesterday was the dreaded weigh in and I suppose I should report my results. Firstly I didnt stick massively to the diet, I am pretty ashamed to admit I have been on the lazy track this past week and couldn't be bothered with all the weighing and measuring. So I altered my plan and ate healthily rather than religiously stick to a diet. I was still ratty since I was hungry which made me realise how poorly I had been eating over xmas! But it paid off and I lost 2lbs which means my bmi is no longer making me obese. Yes I am on the border but that 2lbs makes me feel sooooo much better and has given me that little push I needed to realise how I can reach my goals without flogging myself silly for eating a roses sweet every now and again!

Plus losing that weight meant that in the class I came 3rd for my weekly weight loss and got a meal replacement bar as a prize. Yes I am way to happy about that but its the first time its happened and I like the little boost it gave me! And the bar was yummy so it was defo a win-win!

I need to get sorted exercise wise and know thats a big thing for me what with my favourite zumba class being cancelled and no alternative present at the mo. But I have my exervise dvd (expect a review!) to do and I will try and use it more than once a week like last week!

So overall I'm proud of myself and will makd sure I do the same next week!

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