Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, New Me ....

..... well not really but if there was ever a time to try and improve myself this is it. So as well as the usual weight loss and drink less alcohol resolutions I thought I would try and implement a few beauty regime resolutions so that if my other usual resolutions pan out I will definitely look better for it.

Drink More Water

Boring? Yes. Makes a heck of a difference to your skin? Surprisingly yes. Diet has a massive effect on your skin and everyone suffers from skin dehydration at some point and considering my shocking case of it, it's about time I did something about it. Plus its the cheaper alternative to the more effective creams out there to combat dehydration. 

Find an Eyecream

Your skin starts to mature from the age of 25 and in six months I hit that mile stone so its time I put a bit of effort into defying age and gravity for as long as possible. Your eyes are always the first area to show signs of aging so its only time I look into getting a decent cream and putting it into my routine. I'm pretty sure its going to be the Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream but due to the price tag I will have to do some serious thinking before I buy it on impulse! 

Haircare Routine

Basically I should get one, I read so many blogs and watch tutorials which involve so many different products I end up stunned at how your hair can survive that much. Then I look at my poorly cared for limp lack lustre locks and realise I need to get my head around products and hair masks in particular. Retraining myself into being willing to spend the same amount on haircare as I would on makeup is going to be difficult on the bank balance but I'm sure my hair will thank me for it. 

Body Moisturiser

What can I say, I have so many bottles and containers of moisturisers and body butters it is ridiculous. However, it is more ridiculous that I inevitably end up forgetting this step out of my routine regularly with moisturisers only coming out on special occasions and Christmas. I have the spray moisturisers and I know they are better than nothing but I am still too lazy for them too! Not anymore though it is going to be a challenge and a journey no doubt but I will get into the habit of using some form of moisturiser daily even if it kills me!

4 beauty goals, doesn't seem like much but I'd bet my last penny that I still struggle with these simple tasks!

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